1. How do I sell my products on this site?

If you scroll to the top of the site, you will notice a “Start Selling” button at the top-right of the screen. Click it and you will be redirected to a form. Once you fill in the details and submit it your account will be activated for selling, and you will be sent to the Add Product page of the seller dashboard.

2. Why aren’t my products showing up in the store?

To protect the site from spam and low-quality posts, each product is required to be verified by our staff. This takes place during working hours only.

3. How do I get my earnings?

When an order is made, your wallet will be updated with the order amount. You can then request a withdrawal through your vendor dashboard, to a bank or Paypal account of your choice. Withdrawal requests will be handled within 3 working days, and sellers will be notified of their completion.

4. How do transactions work?

Buyers interested in a product can add it to their cart and checkout as they would any other site. It is then the vendor’s responsibility to contact the customer and arrange shipment.

After two days or if requested by the seller, our team will contact buyers to ask for confirmation of purchase and update the order status accordingly. If the buyer does not respond, the transaction is assumed to have been completed and the order will be changed to Complete.

Sellers are highly recommended to retain the proof of delivery in the form of shipping records and photo evidence in case of a dispute. Similarly, buyers are encouraged to contact our customer service number as soon as possible and provide evidence if they have issues with their received products.